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Los Gatos, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Sex and Couple Therapy - Mary Buxton, LCSW

Sex and Couple Therapy

If you suffer from a sexual problem, a relationship problem, or both, you are not alone

  • It is estimated that at least 40 - 60% of all couples struggle with a sexual problem at some time in the course of their relationship.  Sex and relationship problems often go hand and hand.
  • In most cases, sexual and relationship functioning can be improved with proper diagnosis and treatment.

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  • Working together, the sex therapist, physician, and other health professionals can help to improve or solve the sexual concern for the individual or couple.
  • The average individual or couple waits six years before seeking therapy for a sexual concern.  Denial, hoping time will help, negative stigma, lack of knowledge of where to go for help, and just plain discomfort discussing such private matters can all add up to this delay.  Waiting can magnify and exacerbate the negative consequences of a sexual problem.  There are benefits to early intervention.

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Mary Buxton, LCSW - Sex and Couple Therapy

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Mary M Buxton LCSW, Inc. - Sex & Couple Therapy - Licensed Clinical Social Worker  #LCS 7780
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